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W700 kayak skiff

The W720 Kayak Skiff

Do you like shallow water fishing, and in particular flats fishing? Many fishermen in Texas do, and if you’re one of them, or just interested in this type of fishing, you know that some boats and kayaks are more suitable than others for it, and some less. The purpose of this website is to expose…

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beached S4 microskiff with transportation wheels

S4 microskiff reviews from Texas

Wavewalk’s website features dozens of S4 customer reviews: Reviews contributed by S4 owners from around the country, and Canada » Among them, some reviews from Texas clients: S4 microskiff in the rain S4 microskiff storage and easy loading rack S4 skiff with two Havanese passengers on board From Wavewalk 500 kayak to Wavewalk S4 skiff…

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New developments for the Wavewalk S4 microskiff

Wavewalk has been developing new solutions to work with its S4 skiff, namely the S4 kayak outfitted with a powerful outboard motor. Aside from these technical developments that enhance the boat’s performance in rough water, shallow water, launching and beaching, fishing and hunting, Wavewalk now offers the S4 in a new color – the Gator…

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Movies of the Wavewalk S4 microskiff in action

The Wavewalk S4 keeps changing people’s perception of both kayaks and car-top boats. Anglers, kayakers and boaters are learning that with this lightweight craft they can expect more, get more, and achieve more than they previously could, even if they owned several boats of different types and sizes, for fishing in different places. Texas is…

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portable car-top boat

Guide to portable boats

Like anglers in other regions, Texas anglers don’t appreciate wasting their precious time driving to boat ramps, or waiting in line while other anglers launch their boats there, or take them out. Popular launching spots can get crowded, and people waiting in them can get impatient and frustrated – But what is the alternative to…

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