The Wavewalk S4 microskiff is the best boat for Texas anglers

beached S4 microskiff with transportation wheels

The perfect car-top skiff that’s more seaworthy than Jon boats and most skiffs, and works better as a fishing kayak than all other kayaks. Ideal for one or two large-size anglers.
Whether you’re motorizing in a bay or in the gulf, in the flats or in rivers, the S4 offers you more stability and comfort, and you can switch to a paddling mode anytime you need to, or feel like it.
Launching no longer depends on boat ramps, and neither does beaching. No more trailers, and no more time wasted waiting for other boat owners to launch and beach.
This patented craft features a real catamaran hull and a personal watercraft saddle seat. Together, they provide the highest level of stability and balancing capability, not just on flat water, but also for driving in the ocean. And most importantly, no more back pain, since you sit in this boat in the comfortable riding position, or side-saddle, and not in the non-ergonomic kayaking L posture. Standing up in this skiff kayak is easy and intuitive, and you can even drive it standing.

The S4 features a front deck that can be used as a casting platform, or a dog platform for duck hunters.

The S4 comes in White and in Gator Green  More »

These movies show the S4 in the ocean and in the mangroves along coastal areas –

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